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At Dayawanti Punj Model School, we aim to create in every child a future leader. This is what Satya Narain Prakash Punj hoped to achieve when he established our school almost a decade ago in the holy town of Sitamarhi.

Through our school, SNP Punj introduced quality education to the children here, a first of its kind against our rural backdrop. With Mr. Punj’s constant guidance and unfailing passion to change Sitamarhi’s socio-economic condition, the Dayawanti Punj Model School has emerged as a centre of excellence, supporting a new culture of education in this community, and being instrumental in creating significant change.

The Dayawanti Punj Model School is not just about providing basic education to every rural pocket in the India. We aim to provide each of our children with the right skills and abilities to reach the highest level of employment or business. This is why our academic curriculum is challenging and at par with the leading schools in the country. The medium of instruction in our school is English, encouraging fluency and a grasp of the language right from the beginning. Besides academics, we also focus on personality development, vocational training and extra-curricular activities to provide every child with a holistic education.

Student life is greatly shaped by the facilities that a school provides. This is why we are committed to constantly improving our existing facilities and offering the best to our students. As one of India’s leading infrastructure companies, Punj Lloyd has ensured that the school’s facilities, such as the 3000 seating capacity multipurpose hall, rival those of the most prestigious schools in the country.

Today, the Dayawanti Punj Model School receives an extremely large number of applications from children both in Sitarmarhi and nearby areas. This success is a result of the all the hard work that our founder and faculty have put into making the school what it is today. Our graduated students have made terrific success stories, many having pursued engineering and medical studies, inspiring every child here to dream big and pursue those dreams with us.


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Dayawanti Punj Model School

Started in the year 2002 at Sitamarhi, a place known for its religious values, located between Allahabad and Varanasi, equipped with all the state of art facilities, has now grown into a wonderful, vibrant and youthful community consisting of more than 1600 students and around 100 experienced and well-qualified teaching and non-teaching staff.

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