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Data Security is one of the primary concerns that we face today. At Skolaro, we are committed to constantly endeavor to keep the sensitive data of your school secure from internal and external threats.

We have worked on the following options for more secure login access. The school can opt for one or more of these features.

I) Limit the Number of Attempts to Log In

Any login with an incorrect password/user name for more than a specified number of times will result in blocking of the account. The account will be blocked for a given time and the account can be unblocked after creating a new password or entering the correct password.

Note: The school can define the number of attempts from Admin setup and also define the amount of time to block the account. This feature will be applicable for all users at the school.

II) Reset Password at Regular Intervals

Resetting a new password can be made mandatory at specific intervals. For example, users will have to reset their passwords after a certain number of months.  A message will pop up and let the user know that the password has to be changed.

Note: The school can define the time interval from Admin setup. This feature will be applicable for all users at the school.

III) Two-Step Authentication via SMS OTP

An OTP can be generated (if user ID and password is correct) and the user has to login after entering the OTP within a defined time period.

Note: This feature can be enabled for a specific group of users, for example, teachers, parents etc. SMS integration is mandatory for this feature.

IV) Two-Step Authentication via Email 

An email can be triggered to the users’ primary email account (as registered) in the system.

Note: The school can opt for either OTP or email as a two-step authentication method.

We would be happy to get on a call to discuss and help implement the above security feature/s for the school. Please let me know a good time to connect.

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