Our Faculty


1 Mrs.Rachana Dubey Principal Computer Science IX-XII
2 Mr.Akash Rai Vice-Principal English XI-XII
3 Mrs.Asha Upadhyay Headmistress English III-V
4 Mrs.Bharti  Mishra Coordinator Maths III-V
Sr. No Mother Teacher
1 Mrs.Shiv kumari Pandey All Pre Primary
2 Ms.Poonam  Singh All Pre Primary
3 Ms.Nidhi  Tiwari All Pre Primary
4 Ms.Shweta  Dubey All Pre Primary
5 Ms.Mansi  Pathak All Pre Primary
6 Ms.Neha  Mishra All Pre Primary
7 Ms.Pooja  Singh All Pre Primary
1 Ms.Kavita  Bisht English III-V
2 Ms.Khushboo  Dubey All I-II
3 Ms.Purnima Singh All I-II
4 Ms.Priya  Chaubey Hindi III-V
5 Ms.Vidhya  Pandey Hindi III-V
6 Mr.Nagesh  Singh Computer Science II-V
7 Ms.Vandana Raj English III-V
8 Mr.Mukesh Kumar Bind Science III-V
9 Ms.Sunita  Singh Hindi I-II
10 Ms.Usha  Tripathi English III-V
11 Mr.Shubham  Pandey Mathematics III-V
12 Ms.Vini  Packhiam English & EVS I-II
13 Mrs.Vibha  Pandey All I-II
14 Ms.Ruchi  Pandey All I-II
15 Ms.Jyoti  Yadav Computer Science IV-VII
16 Ms.Pooja  Pandey Hindi & Sanskrit IV-VI
17 Ms.Kajal  Pandey Mathematics III-V
18 Ms.Mitali Baranwal  Social Science III-V
19 Ms.Deepa  Srivastava Science III-V
20 Ms.Seema Dwivedi Hindi I-II
21 Ms.Shivani Jaiswal Social Science III-V


1 Mr.Anil Kumar Singh Hindi VI-X
2 Mr.Ram  Chandra Mishra Hindi VI-X
3 Mr.Vivek Kumar Dubey Mathematics VI-VIII
4 Mr.Vinod  Singh Social Science IX-XI
5 Ms. Indrani Bhatta Mathematics VI-VIII
6 Mrs.Anju  Mishra Science VI-VIII
7 Ms.Indrani H Sharma Economics / Geography IX-XI
8 Mr.Raj  Tiwari English VI-VIII
9 Mr.Ashutosh  Mishra Mathematics / Physics VI-X
10 Mr.Niraj Kumar Chaubey Social Science VI-VIII
11 Ms.Shagun  Gupta Science VIII-X
12 Mr.Arvind Kumar Yadav English VI-X
13 Mr.Somnath  Paul Social Science VI-VIII
14 Mr.Mudit  Mishra Mathematics IX-X
15 Mr.Mangla Prasad Dubey Computer Science VIII-X
16 Mr.Arpit Kumar English VI-IX
17 Ms.Amita Tiwari Hindi VI-X
18 Mr.Rakesh  Kumar Dwivedi English IX-X
19 Ms.Pratima  Vishwakarma Home Science IX-XII
20 Ms.Harshita Pandey Geography IX-XII
1 Mr.Ranjeet  Singh Biology IX-XII
2 Mr.Yogesh Kumar Mishra Hindi IX-XII
3 Mr.Vishal  Gupta Computer Science IX-XII
4 Mr.Mayank  Srivastava Business Studies IX-XII
5 Mr.Vishal  Singh Chemistry IX-XII
6 Mr.Pritam  Singh Physics IX-XII
7 Mr.Yogendra Kumar Srivastava Political Science IX-XII
8 Mr.Mukesh Kumar Mishra English IX-XII
9 Mr.Harsh   Physical Education IX-XII
10 Mr.Abhishek Kumar Upadhyay Mathematics IX-XII
11 Mr.Ambarish Kumar Tiwari History IX-XII
12 Mr.Sudhir Kumar Kanaujiya Accountancy & Economics IX-XII
1 Mr.Shreyas  Nair Vocal & Instrumental Musics III-VIII
2 Ms.Anisha  Patel Sports II-V
3 Ms.Pratima  Singh Physical & Health Education VI-X
4 Mr.Rudra Pratap Singh Physical & Health Education IX-XI
5 Mr.Ankush  Giri Art & Craft III-V
6 Mr.Sunil  Kumar Art & Craft VI-X
7 Mr.Rakesh  Tiwari Personality Development & Life Skill III-VIII
8 Mr.Arvind Kumar Sharma Librarian
9 Mr. Vivek Yadav Librarian

Dayawanti Punj Model School

Started in the year 2002 at Sitamarhi, a place known for its religious values, located between Allahabad and Varanasi, equipped with all the state of art facilities, has now grown into a wonderful, vibrant and youthful community consisting of more than 1600 students and around 100 experienced and well-qualified teaching and non-teaching staff.

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