Our school has grown with great success in the past ten years. This wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution of our teachers. Our graduated students credit their success to the teachers at school and their unwavering faith in their potential.

We make every effort to ensure that the experience for teachers is as enriching as it is for the students. This is done by providing a range of facilities to look after their needs and comfort, whether by creating residential quarters for them or encouraging their development through annual appraisals.

Our teachers receive regular training in professional areas as well as soft skills. Workshops and seminars are conducted to equip teachers with the latest teaching methods and to gain an understanding of child psychology amongst other areas. They are encouraged to experiment and innovate in their teaching methods - this helps to bring out the best themselves as well as our students.

Details of the teaching staff



Teachers Speak

The children are very free and confident and have curiosity to question things. It gives me great feeling of satisfaction teaching such open minds who are keen to learn.

Santosh Seth, Class 10 teacher

This is my third year at DPMS. I really feel I have become a better teacher here, my students’ responses are the best reward for me.

Asha Upadhyay, Class 4 teacher

Thanks to the confidence given to me by the Principal and her guidance, my Class 12 students all passed their exams, with the highest scoring 96 percent.

Sangeeta Paul, biology teacher